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LOS ANGELES, California; March 11, 2022 — NWIFTV (Native Women In Film & Television in All Media) announced today the 13th Annual NWIFTV Film Festival will be streamed on Red Nation Television Network during the week leading up to the Academy Awards, March 20 through the 24. The event is set to be hosted by Award winning director producer  and NWIFTV Founder Joanelle Romero with traditional performance by Alex Rose Holiday of the Navajo Nation.

NWIFTV will kick off Oscar® week with 40+ films directed by Native and Indigenous women and allies including five events, all virtual this year, streaming on Red Nation Television Network. This year’s NWIFTV will spotlight three films from Ukraine, women supporting women.

Tribes need to step up and ally with women and pregnant life giver’s in Ukraine. Stop War crimes against innocent women and girls! Historically that’s what was done to us, the 584 Sovereign Tribal Nations in the USA

states Theda Newbreast,Red Nation Celebration Institute board member and co-founder of Native Wellness Institute

To honor the Ukraine women's lives, a campaign of Kokum scarves will be worn by all Native Indigenous women of color. NWIFTV Call to Action, in support of Ukraine, wear your Kokum scarf - until the world ends.


RNCI Crew Training and Hiring Native Indigenous Women, Who Tells the Story Matters – Representation, A Native High Tea Indigenous Knowledge, Native and Indigenous Women in Hollywood – Actress Circle, Producers Group Women of Color.

You will hear from industry professionals, award-winning filmmakers, union members, behind-the-camera crew, film offices and film commissions across the country, native women representing their traditional territories, with special guests to be announced next week.

Although there are no Native Women nominated this year at the Academy Awards, NWIFTV hopes to change that for next year

said Joanelle Romero, the only native woman short-listed for an Academy Award and the first Native woman to be invited as a member of AMPAS

NWIFTV champions these success stories through initiatives including the #WhyWeWearRED campaign, and #OnlyOneWater campaign and Native Indigenous Student Academy for Cinematic Arts along with sister film festival Red Nation International Film Festival -the largest Native Indigenous film festival in the Country.

About NWIFTV in All Media

Founded in 1995 and started as a Native Women in Music Festival in Santa Fe NM. #NWIFTV went on to have its own program of screenings at the annual Red Nation International Film Festival (RNIFF), films directed by women screenedannually in November. In 2003, Native Women in Film & Television in All media became a stand alone Film Festival leading up to The Academy Awards, out of a direct need to keep our image at the forefront of the entertainment industry. NWIFTV is the only film festival dedicated to Native & Indigenous women filmmakers, hence Native Women in Film & Television in All Media Festival was born.

At the height of #MeToo actor/director/founder/humanitarian Joanelle Romero (AMPAS) founder of NWIFTV coined and founded #WhyWeWearRED with a media coalition to address a Global Call to Action initiative that aims to bring awareness to Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women & Girls and the lack of inclusion of Native Women in Film & Television. Every year in February, leading up to the Academy Awards the annual Native Women in FILM Festival takes place along with the Conversation Series. NWIFTV in All Media advocates for Native and Indigenous Women’s Rights in all media platforms, with a focus on equal opportunities for Native & Indigenous women in front of and behind the camera, encouraging the creative narrative, exploring and empowering authentic and honest portrayals of Native and Indigenous women, expanding empowerment initiatives and campaigns in the arts, media, social justice, civic engagement, economic empowerment, research, training, professional development programs, grants and international relation.

NWIFTV serves under its fiscal partner Red Nation Celebration Institute The Creative Enterprise by Natives delivering to all people the stories that shape our world. RNCI the pioneer longest standing Native Women-Led Indigenous Media, Arts & Cultural nonprofit in the City of Los Angeles, Empowering Native and Indigenous Storytellers.

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About Red Nation Celebration Institute (RNCI)

Founded in 1995, RNCI is the longest standing Native woman-led, Indigenous media arts and cultural nonprofit enterprise in the City of Los Angeles, celebrating its 25th year (August 2020/2021) of service to Indian Country and the entertainment industry. RNCI mission replaces racist, erasive American Indian stereotypes with recognition, new vision, arts, culture and economic prosperity by placing American Indian & Indigenous Filmmakers at the forefront of the entertainment industry while amplifying cinematic excellence with an emphasis on initiatives for Native women, girls, and youth. #WhoTellsTheStoryMatters

#NativesInChargeOfTheirNarrative Creating systemic change through the arts and media. Storytelling is what we do. We have increased the visibility of American Indian & Indigenous filmmakers and communities through our ground-breaking programs, initiatives, events in creating content with the revitalized vision of our own narrative as contemporary people. We work in a variety of media platforms and educational institutions, in conjunction with partners from around the world.

RNCI’s leadership actively implements a vision for the future of cinema: one in which American Indian perspectives are authentically pictured, recognized, and valued in a way that promotes strong Native identities, economic outcomes, equity, and wellness for our communities. We deliver increased representation of Native peoples in popular culture, both in front and behind the camera with our Film Festivals, RNCI Crew, a Native Studies Center at USC and Red Nation Television Network the first online streaming company. #WhyWeWearRED

RNCI Board of Directors

For more information on the Red Nation Celebration Institute, including upcoming programming visit

Red Nation Celebration Institute’s year round programs.

Red Nation Television Network

Red Nation Television Network (Red Nation TV) is the first of its kind. Red Nation Television Network is the pioneer steaming television channel of American Indian & Indigenous content. Established in 2006, as being the first and best American Indian & Indigenous Network, predating Netflix and three months before the major networks announced their launch of programming on the internet. In regards to online streaming; Before there was Netflix or Hulu, there was Red Nation Television Network (2006), Netflix and Hulu launched in 2007. Unlike Netflix and Hulu with their subscription based streaming channel, RedNationTV’s launch was based on building its audience and fan base from 2006 to 2015, as a free streaming channel. Red Nation TV began its subscription-based service July 2015 with its Red Nation TV “On-Demand-Specials.” Red Nation Television Network-Native is Here is 24/7 high definition (HD) multi platform digital media vehicle, being the largest native content provider.

In 2010, Red NationTV reached 10 million viewers; and is in 37 countries. Red NationTV is growing daily worldwide.

Red Nation TV, Inc. is an American provider of on-demand Internet streaming media available to viewers in all of North America and the world. Currently, viewers in North America and South America, except Cuba, and parts of Europe (Denmark, Finland, Ireland, The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, and Germany). The company was established in 2006, cementing the name as the first American Indian Television Network, headquartered in Los Angeles, California.

About the Sponsors

National Endowment for the Arts

The American Rescue Plan was signed into law in March 2021 when the National Endowment for the Arts provided $135 million for the arts sector. The funding for organizations is the third installment providing more than $57.7 million for arts organizations. In April 2021, the National Endowment for the Arts announced $52 million (40 percent) in American Rescue Plan funding would be allocated to 62 state, jurisdictional, and regional arts organizations for regranting through their respective programs. The second installment in November 2021 allocated $20.2 million to 66 local arts agencies for subgranting to local artists and art organizations.

For more information on the National Endowment for the Arts’ American Rescue Plan grants, including the full list of arts organizations funded in this announcement, visit


Creating Systemic Change through Film & Television.

The program is led by Red Nation Celebration Institute with Global partners, it’s a pathway that focuses on entry-level, below-the-line opportunities for Native and Indigenous talent, providing economic development on tribal lands in fostering the next generation of talent within the entertainment industry along with RNCI Crew’ California Native Film Commission and New Mexico Film Commission.

For more information on RNCI Crew Worldwide, Visit

About Kokum Scarves

Indigenous communities use Kokum scarves to show solidarity with Ukraine. The scarves are the result of early cultural exchanges between Indigenous communities and Ukrainian immigrants. Oral history has suggested the scarves were originally brought over to Canada by women from Ukraine and other Slavic countries in the early 1890s when the first Ukrainian settlers came to the country. The scarves are known by various names including khustkas, hustkas, babushkas and granny hankies in the U.S. Today, the scarves are often used as a fashion accessory by Indigenous women and men. Powwow dancers incorporate them into their regalia.

To purchase Kokum scarves, visit RNCI Merch

Note: This event is not affiliated with, endorsed by, or licensed by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences or the Oscars®.

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