Natives in Charge of Their Narrative

Standing Rock & Beyond

STANDING ROCK started with Native YOUTH when they were invited to lead the First Indigenous Women RISE March held Red Nation International Film Festival in Los Angeles – November 2015 and went on to organize the run to Washington DC to speak out against the Dakota Access pipeline. Native Youth Woke the World to Standing Rock & Beyond. Supported by our WOMEN, backed by our ELDERS & ANCESTORS.

STANDING ROCK:  November of 2015, Red Nation Celebration Institute partnered with Hawkwing, Inc. to bring several Native Youth of the ‘One Mind Youth Movement’ to Los Angeles. These young people led the inaugural Indigenous Women RISE Climate Change March held during Red Nation International Film Festival. These same youth were invited to sing an honor song at RNCI Red Nation Awards Show. 

That same week, Robin LeBeau was the recipient of the RNCI ‘Edward R. Roybal Award‘ for her dedication and leadership with youth on the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation, presented to her at the RNCI Red Nation Awards. The Native youth who attended were members of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe, Robin LeBeau (founder of One Youth Movement), Jasilyn Charger, Jasilea Rose Charger, and Joesph White Eyes among others. Most of young people had never before seen the ocean, nor been on a plane, but they did a beautiful job –– their voices strong –– in leading the climate change march, and subsequently sang beautifully on the LIVE televised RNCI Red Nation Awards Show.

Upon returning home to North Dakota from Los Angeles, these same youth had a hand in establishing the first resistance camp against the Dakota Access Pipeline –– Sacred Stone –– in April of 2016. They would go on to petition the federal government for redress, running in relay nearly 2000 miles to speak face to face with the Army Corp of Engineers in Washington, DC. Their inspired action sparked the support of tribal leadership, and eventually Woke the World to the Resistance at Standing Rock, generating one of the biggest social movements of our time. This is an illustration of what can happen when you make a commitment to youth, and put serious time and energy into honoring their good work: inspiration and courage are strongly nourished –– and will prove to be contagious.

November 2016, Red Nation International Film Festival honored Standing Rock Nation and Chairman, Dave Archambault II at the RNCI Red Nation Awards. RNCI  lead the very first conversation about Standing Rock to the entertainment industry at large during Red Nation International Film Festival. In addition, Red Nation International Film Festival screened a short film by filmmaker Josue Rivas. This film screened 44 times during the Festival and was the first film produced out of Standing Rock.

Land Recognition

We acknowledge that our work takes place on Unceded and Occupied territories of the 575+ Native Nations. We are inviting you to take a moment to reflect on whose land you are living and working on and if you don’t know, to research and reflect.