Natives in Charge of Their Narrative

Alumni's, Performers, Artists, Hosts, Presenters since 1995 to present ….

The Plateros

Noah Watts

Governor Joe Garica – President of National Congress of American Indian

Montano Rain (Matrix Reloaded)

Sage Galesi (Awarding winning Actress Starred in the mini-series
Dreamkeeper & Steven Spielberg/TNT “Into the West”)

Joanelle Romero


Randy Castillo – former drummer for Ozzy Osborne

Joanne Shenandoah – Grammy Award winner

Diane Shenandoah

Joy Harjo with Poetic Justice

Joy Harjo

Thais Albert

Julian B.

Lucie Idlout

Derek Miller

Irene Bedard

Martha Redbone

Russell Means

RedBone – Grammy Nominee

Aaron White (SkyChasers) – Grammy

Quese IMC

Gary Framer



Bill Miller – Grammy

Robert Mirbal – Grammy

Barbara Williams

Edward Albert, Jr.

Michael Spears

Eddie Spears


Cherokee Rose

Star Nayea

Burning Sky

Boys for the Rez


Andrew Ahsona

Geraldine Barney

Donna Concha

SC Kool


(over the years)

John Paul Getty III

Solomon Burke


Sitting Bull

Crazy Horse

Wallace Black Elk

Randy Castillo (former drummer to Ozzy, Lita Ford, Morley Crue)

George Harrison (Beatle)

Rick Danko (The Band)

Allan Houser (Artist)

HONOREES (over the years)

Elizabeth Taylor

Don & Theda Keel

Randy Castillo

Skywalkers (American Indian Men Who Built the Twin Towers)

Navajo Code Talkers

Edward Albert Jr. (Commissioner of American Indian Affairs for the State
of California)

Mike Smith, Founder of American Indian Film Festival

Tom Bee, Founder of SOAR Records

Richard Brown – Toys R Us


(over the years)

Phillip M. Hauzous -Traditional Flute – returning artist

Joseph Lam Medicine Robe – Traditional Flute – returning artist

Joseph Fire Crow – Traditional Flute – returning artist – Grammy


(over the years)

Mati Waiya Ceremonial Elder– Chumash Nation

Montano Rain – Apache/Cheyenne Nations

Pete Catches – Lakota Spiritual Leader

Jimmy Castillo – Tongva Spiritual Leader

Chief Crazy Bull – Lakota Spiritual Leader

Chief Norman Tulley – Sundancer & Sundance Leader

John Funmaker – Community Spiritual Leader

Sagna Grant – Actor/Traditional Dancer/Elder

Christine Padilla – Lakota

Lance King – relative of Frank Fools Crow/nephew to Chief Arvol Looking


(over the years)

The American Indian Dance Theatre

The American Indian Dance Company

Ben Wolf & Traditional Dancers

Dinetah Dancers

Red Hand Dancers

(RNC Posters)

(over the years)

Ben Shortly – Navajo

Michael Horse


Murdock Mojado

Montano Rain


(over the years)

David Bowie Band / Tony Sales

Rick Auerbach Assessor Proclamation (read by Carol Wong Quan)

Los Angeles Mayor’s Proclamation (read by Irene Bedard)

Tal Finney (Advisor to Gray Davis)

Santa Fe Mayor Debbie Jaramillo

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa

Los Angeles Councilmember Bill Rosendahl

Rick Auerbach Assessor Proclamation (read by Carol Wong Quan)

Former Senator Tom Hayden

Troy Garity

Ally Walker

Esai Morales

Poppy Montgomery

Barry Goldberg

Sally Kirkland

Edward Albert Jr.

Gary Busey


(over the years)

Edward James Olmos

Vic Bulluck (NAACP)

Peter Coyote

Dan Aykroyd

Tony Sales – David Bowie Band

Julie Christensen

Steven Collins & The 7th Band

Peter York – The Monkeys

Gary Busey

Tony Sales

Lee Butterfield – Paul Butterfields Son


Chris Douglas

Bray Ghiglia


(over the years)

Chief Oren Lyons

Edward Albert Jr.

Peter Coyote

Shannon and Shauna Baker (The Baker Twins)

Michael Horse

Jay Tavera

Vanessa Brown

Larry Sellers t

Carrie Dunn Anderson

Chris Lawford

Catherline Carlen

Sheriyln Fenn

Sally Kirkland

Edd Hall

Shadoe Stevens

Elaine Miles

Conroy Chino of KOB-TV 4

Suzan Shown Harjo


(over the years)

Hershel Dayzie – Dine Nation

Pierson Nunez – Acjachemen Nation

Moses Bring Plenty – Cheyenne River/Sioux Nations

Clayson Benally of Blackfire – Dine Nation

Red Nation Celebration Traditional Drum – returning artist

The Mankillers (all women drum group) – returning artist

Two Red Skins and One Yellow Man – returning artist

The Taos Singers

White Buffalo Singers/Drum – returning artist

Red Hand Singers/Drum – – returning artist

Wild Horse Singers

Land Recognition

We acknowledge that our work takes place on Unceded and Occupied territories of the 575+ Native Nations. We are inviting you to take a moment to reflect on whose land you are living and working on and if you don’t know, to research and reflect.