Natives in Charge of Their Narrative

Why We Wear RED Call to Action

#WhyWeWearRED A Global Call to Action and Media Coalition initiative that aims to bring awareness to Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women & Girls and the Lack of Inclusion of Native Women in Film & Television.

Other issues Indigenous Women face:  sexual harassment, assault, human trafficking, inequality for women in all kinds of workplaces, violence against the land is violence against women.

Violence against Native women has reached epidemic proportions. Four in five Native women will be the victims of violence during their lifetimes.  Native women remain the most underrepresented minority in the industry.

In celebrating our 25th anniversary RED NATION CELEBRATION INSTITUTE ENTERPRISE this year 2020, the disheartening statistics regarding Indigenous representation in Hollywood continues. In 1977, the first contemporary television movie starring a Native actress was produced’ The Girl Called Hatter Fox’ (CBS) in where a Native actress carried a leading role! It took Hollywood 42 years to produce another one Netflix’s ‘Chambers’ in 2019.


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