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Joanelle Romero the Winner of Armin T. Wegner Humanitarian Award in 2005 for the vision to see the truth… and the courage to speak it.

Romero is the only American Indian director, producer, music composer, writer to be this close to OSCAR nomination; With over one million hits on youtube to date! This film was entered into the OSCARS for consideration in 2000.  22 short films were entered that year.  “9 were chosen for consideration”  We are proud that American Holocaust: When It’s All Over I’ll Still Be Indian was part of that 9 chosen.  Then five were nominated.

American Holocaust is very powerful and honest. It is probably more than most non-Indian people, and unfortunately, most Indian-people, want to acknowledge or hear. it is a laboring and sad truth that anyone who is truly Indian understands and lives with to some degree everyday. as polarizing as this movie is, it’s existence is critical for the hundreds of thousands of people that come to understand more about the real-story and for those that need to reflect and heal as they walk their own red-road. thanks for sharing these voices with me keep it up…

– Chris Eyre (Director of Smoke Signals, Skins, A Thousand Roads, Edge of  America)

Joanelle Romero was acknowledged by Ellen Snortland, former President of United Nations Association, Pasadena Chapter in the Pasadena Weekly, 2006:

“American Indians have every right to despise white folks and curse us, rather than bless us. And yet, there are leaders like Romero who boggle the typical pedestrian mind. Like Nelson Mandela, she is a prime example of forgiveness in action. Mandela had every right to call for a bloodbath when he was finally released from prison in South Africa. Mandela-like, Romero stands on his mighty global shoulders and calls for oneness, love and what she describes as female energy.” –partial quote


*Considered for OSCAR Nomination* Director: Joanelle Romero Narrated by Edward Asner

American Holocaust: When It’s All Over I’ll Still Be Indian

This powerful, hard-hitting documentary reveals the link between Adolf Hitler’s treatment of German Jews and the U.S. government’s treatment of American Indians depicts disturbing parallels between these two Holocausts and explores the historical, social and religious roots of America’s own “ethnic cleansing.”  The film also examines, through the words and experiences of contemporary Indian people, the long term lasting effects of this on-going destructive process and the possible ramifications for the future of American Indian people in the 21st century.

This film is Supported by: Rabbi Nahum Ward-Lev, Rabbi Debra Orenstein, Shoah Foundation, Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles & American Indian Communities.

Executive Producers: Joanelle Romero, Elizabeth Sage Galesi, Phillip M. Haozous, Teddy Parker, Kathleen Jones, David Aurbey, Windhollow Foundation.



Phone:818.665.5753, Email:

American Holocaust: When Its All Over I’ll Still Be Indian
DVD American Holocaust

Includes S/H only for U.S.A.

AWARDS 2005 Joanelle Romero received the Armin T. Wegner “Humanitarian” Award for the vision to see the truth… and the courage to speak it. 2003 The Fargo Film Festival 2000 The American Indian Film Festival 2000 This film was entered into the OSCARS for consideration in 2000.  22 short films were entered that year.  9 were chosen for consideration.  We are proud that American Holocaust When It’s All Over I’ll Still Be Indian was part of that 9 chosen.  Then five were nominated


2012 Red Nation Film Festival Los Angeles CA

2008 Red Nation Film Festival “On the Road” Santa Fe, NM 2006 Heard Museum, Phoenix AZ 2006 Screened in Wuppertal and at the Berlin. The Armin T. Wegner Society of Germany, German media, and the multicultural community leaders in Berlin & TV reps. 2005 Southwest Native American Film & Video Festival, Museum of Northern Arizona 2005 American Indian Film Festival, Houston TX 2005 Sedona International Film Festival, Sedona AZ 2005 Annual ARPA International Film Festival, Los Angeles CA 2005 Second Annual Red Nation Celebration Film Festival, Los Angeles CA 2005 First Annual Red Nation Film Festival, Los Angeles CA 2004 Conscious Living Expo, Los Angeles CA 2003 Fargo Film Festival (Short Documentary), North Dakota 2002 Palm Springs Doc. Short Film Festival, Palm Springs CA 2001 Newport Beach Film Festival, Newport Beach CA 2001 UC Davies University, Sacramento CA  – student screening 2001 Kodak, Los Angeles CA  – industry invite screenings 2000 Kodak, Los Angeles CA  – industry invite screenings 2000 American Indian Film Festival (Short Documentary), San Francisco CA 1999 Screen Actors Guild, Los Angeles CA – SAG members screening


2012 Laemmle Theatre, Beverly Hills

2006 The Egyptian Theatre, Hollywood Blvd

2005 The Laemmle Theatre, Sunset Blvd

2005 The Laemmle Theatre, Santa Monica

2000 The Laemmle Theatre, Sunset Blvd


MUSEUM SCREENINGS I.A.I.A. / Institute of American Indian Arts – screened for one year in  their theater. Santa Fe, NM

15 minute DEMO version: (Public Screenings) to raise funds to produce full  length

1999 Temple Beth Shalom, Santa Fe NM – community members & fundraising screening 1999 Bozeman University, Bozeman Montana – student & community screening 1999 Southwest Museum at LACMA, Los Angeles CA – (2 screenings held) – industry & public screening 1999 Gene Autry Museum, Los Angeles CA – public screening




American Indian Holocaust Film to be put into German Museum

Los Angeles, CA, DECEMBER 30, 2005 – Award-winning American Indian actor,  director, producer, writer, entrepreneur Joanelle Romero receives Armin T.  Wegner Humanitarian Award & open’s 60th Anniversary of The United Nations with a Sacred American Indian blessing and an asking of the United Nations  to open their hearts & minds and create a seat for  American Indian within  the United Nations …

First time on DVD the most recent production of Spirit World Productions  Released-Re-Edited Award Winning Documentary short American Holocaust:  When It’s All Over I’ll Still Be Indian Narrated by Ed Anser has received  critical acclaim. Written up in Daily Variety and The Hollywood Reporter,  LA Weekly, Newport Beach Orange County, its Theatrical release was at The Laemmle Theatre in West Hollywood to sold out audiences in 2000 and then  again with re-release at the Second Annual Red Nation Film Festival 2005.  The short compares Hitler’s attempted genocide of German Jews with the  U.S. government’s treatment of American Indians and the lasting effects on  the culture today.

Director, Producer, Writer Joanelle Romero received October 2005 a Armin  T. Wegner Humanitarian Award for this first and only American Indian  Holocaust film that speaks of the parallels of American Indian & Jewish  Holocausts.  Romero won at the The Fargo Film Festival 2003 at the 25th  American Indian Film Festival in 2000.   This is a project that Romero is  very passionate about, she directed, produced, wrote and scored the music  for this controversial and groundbreaking film.  Romero has been  developing this film project since 1994.

The film was considered for nomination for an Oscar 2000, Romero is the  only American Indian Director/Producer to date to be this close to an  Oscar Nomination for directing/producing/writing/music score.  (22 shorts  were entered in; out of the 22 entered; 9 were chosen Romero’s film was  part of that 9; then 5 were nominated) this film continues to win awards  to date.

This year Romero founded and launched “The First and Only American Indian Internet-Television Channel” on  You can now watch American  Indian programming and view American Holocaust When Its’ All Over I’ll Still be Indian and she founded “The Annual Red Nation Celebration Film  Festival,” held during Native  American Indigenous Nations Heritage Month  in the City of Los Angeles.




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