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Natives in Charge of Their Narrative

Native Women in Music

NATIVE WOMEN in MUSIC Concert Series, since its inception in 1996, with five major “Native Women in Music” concerts under its belt – Native Women in Music has become a MUSIC MOVEMENT.  “We are not on main stream radio nor prime time television yet” said Romero, “Its time for change and that change is now.”

The first “Native Women in Music” Concert Series was acknowledged by Mayor Debbie Jaramillo 1996 – City of Santa Fe Mayor Debbie Jaramillo Proclamation of “Native American Women’s Day in Santa Fe” – August 17, 1996.

Two years after “Native Women in Music” was launched, Sarah McLaughlin of the world’s famous “Lilith Fair Tour” asked Romero to join her all women tour in 1998.  Romero represented the American Indian voice and was the only American Indian recording artist to perform that year along with Sinead O’Connor, the Indigo Girls and Natalie Merchant; first all female tour.


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