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First & Only Native Indigenous Parade in the City of Los Angeles

Red Nation Celebration Institute (RNCI) organized the first and only Native Indigenous parade downtown Los Angeles in 2007. RNCI Parade started from El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historical Monument (Olvera Street) to open the newly claimed Los Angeles State Historic Park 850 participants.

Local tribes and Native Nations lead the parade to Los Angeles State Historic Park. That was a wonderful Historic Day for all Native Nations in the City of Los Angeles.

My intention was to have Native Indigenous Nations be recognized in the City of Los Angeles and that our youth would see themselves in this city we all live in. There had never been (unitl 2007 - in this year Los Angeles was 225 years old) nor since a Native Indigenous parade in celebration for our Native peoples. Los Angeles has the largest Native Indigenous urban population in the country.

My hope was that the community would take this on and come together and produce an annual parade celebrating our Native Nations.


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