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Joanelle Romero (Apache/Cheyenne Nations/SephardicJew) is the founder of Red Nation Celebration, American Indian arts & cultural non-profit organization. Romero is president/founder and produces Red Nation Film Festival each year in Hollywood. She is an established Award winning filmmaker, actress, record producer, musician, entrepreneur and humanitarian. Founder of Award-winning Red Nation Productions formerly Spirit World Productions as well as all of Red Nation’s Portfolio, including American Indian Heritage Month in the City/County of Los Angeles. In addition, Romero serves as an expert as it relates to issues of American Indian & Indigenous representation in creative, executive and technical positions in entertainment and lobbying with industry executives to expand opportunities for American Indian & Indigenous peoples. Joanelle Romero is mother to Sage and Montano Rain.

Having starred and co-starred in over 16 films including being an independent producer and director for over three decades now, Romero uses her expertise to navigate Red Nation Celebration, Red Nation Film Festival and all its portfolio. Romero has worked on a wide variety of television, film, special projects as a producer, director and actor, from ITVS award-winning doc – the first film on American Indians with ADIS/HIV “Melvin & John” (director/producer), to the first Contemporary American Indian womans story ever produced and the first time an American Indian woman carried a leading role CBS MOV “A Girl Called Hatter Fox” (actor), to the Sundance award-winning cult classic “Pow Wow Highway” (actor), to directing/producing award-winning documentary films, to casting/bringing American Indian Traditional dancers to Michael Jackson for his “Black & White” music video, to being dicovered as a singer/songwriter by the Legendary Leonard Cohen, to producing the Los Angeles Mayor Reception, ground-breaking historic events such as “Red Nation Parade” the first & only American Indian Parade in Los Angeles (producer), American Indian Heriage Month in the City/County of Los Angeles (founder/producer), to producing “Red Nation Film Festival” (founder), to creating the first American Indian & Indigenous Television Channel “Red Nation Television Channel-Native is Here”.

34 years as a leading actress in film and television, SAG member since 1977.

As an ACTOR Joanelle Romero had the pleasure to work with some of the best in our business i.e. Willie Nelson, Raquel Welch, Alex Baldwin, Nick Mancuso, Gary Busey, Russell Menas, Kris Krisofferson, Kim Cattrail, Demi Moore, Angela Lansbury, Carol Burnett, Lloyd Bridges, Gail Stickland, Conchata Ferrell, A. Martinez, Will Samspon, Ronnie Cox, Shelly Hack, Cherie Currie, Daniel J. Travanti, Veronica Hamel, Betty Thomas, Joe Spano, John Stockwell, Rae Dawn Chong, Maureen McCormick, Robert Beltran, Larry Sellers, Graham Greene, Tim McGraw, Ricky Schroder, James Remar, to name a few.

Directors: George Schaefer, Oliver Stone, Fred Schepisi, Gregory Hoblit, Charles Band, Mel Damski, Ricky Schroder, Aaron Lipstadt, to name a few.

(Romero is the longest standing American Indian member of the Screen Actors Guild and produced the only panel “Where Are We in Film, Television and Radio” to date at the SAG in 2000 and in 2012 “Native Women in Film & Television”. Romero sat on the SAG-EEOC from 1998 to 2001 and was the only American Indian representing the native voice to the union. Romero also ran for a seat on the Screen Actors Guild board in 2000 and was a close contender)

34 years as a recording artist.

23 years producing concerts, events.

23 years directing and producing award-winning documentary films; received a Armin T. Wegner Humanitarian Award in 2005.

Romero is the only American Indian director producer to be close to Oscar nod in 2000. Romero’s film was entered into the OSCARS for consideration in 2000. 22 short films were entered that year. “9 were chosen for consideration”

American Holocaust: When It’s All Over I’ll Still Be Indian was part of that 9 chosen. Then five were nominated.

Romero’s documentary film AMERICAN HOLOCAUST: WHEN ITS ALL OVER I’LL STILL BE INDIAN has recieved many awards, and has reached over ‘one million hits’ on youtube, to date.


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Linda Tenequer: (Muscogee Creek Nation) Okmulgee OK. – Senior Writer: More than 20 years of business experience and more than 11 years experience working with business development and marketing. More recently, handling global business development while also writing for non-profits, federal grants, and individuals. President of the Board: Okmulgee Learning Center, Okmulgee, OK Education Committee Secretary: Okmulgee Indian Community.






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Susan Brunsdon – Is an attorney and has practiced tax law for over 16 years. She likes numbers, she dreams about numbers, she live’s for numbers.







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Nycole Cropper – – I have enjoyed my years in the hospitality field, as well as, entertainment. I enjoy working with people and strive to make a difference in understanding various cultures. I believe in Red Nation because of the positive influence it has had in history through film and new media.






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Montano Rain – (Apache/Cheyenne Nations) – (Los Angeles, CA & Santa Fe, New Mexico) – 17 year old. Montano Rain is founder of his own non-profit organization HELP THE EARTH “HTE”. Rock & Roll Drummer & Traditional American Indian Drummer/Singer, and Artist. Montano Rain plays five instruments and masters three (drums, classical piano, guitar). Montano Rain is young Neo in Matrix Reloaded. Montano Rain has grown up in the entertainment industry. Born in Santa Fe, New Mexico, he is currently in 11th grade, when graduating in 2012, Rain will go to college and study becoming an “Environmental Engineer”. He brings the youth voice to Red Nation board and is one of Red Nation’s artists and graphic artist. Rain has been on RNC board of directors for 8 years.





** Former Board Member: the late Russell Means: actor, activist. Oglala Sioux. Served on RNCI board for 18 yrs.

** Former Board Member: the late Edward Albert Jr. (2000 to 2006) Best known for his role in “Butterflies are Free” In more recent years he served on the California Coastal Commission and California Native American Heritage Commission. Mexican. Served on RNCI board for 5 yrs.

** Former Board Member: the late Chief Phil Crazy Bull. Oglala Sioux. Served on RNCI board for 7 yrs.


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