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Natives in Charge of Their Narrative



1995-2015 – and into the Future ….

– Red Nation Celebration – BORN in  Santa Fe New Mexico and later moved to Los Angeles.

– Red Nation Celebration Concert Series (held during Indian Market which launched the Native Music movement in New Mexico, annual event)

– Native Women in Music “Concert Series”

– Red Nation Celebration – moves to Los Angeles, CA

– Red Nation Celebration Concert Series, becomes an Official Grammy Event, annual event

– Red Nation Film Festival – The Authentic Voice of American Indian & Indigenous Cinema (held annually)

– Red Nation in association with Help the Earth Environmental Youth Empowerment Organization

– Red Nation Founded & Launched American Indian Heritage Month includes Cultural Events (in the City/County of Los Angeles, CA – held annually in November)

– Native Women in Film & Television

– American Indian Heritage Month, officially recognized by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and City of Los Angeles

– Red Nation Television Channel – Native is Here (internet-all native content)

– American Indian Holocaust Memorial

– Respecting the Water of Life Ceremonies (annual event)

– Red Nation Parade (downtown Los Angels First & Only)

– Red Nation Pau Wau

– Help the Earth Youth Summits

– Red Nation Radio (KPFK)

– Red Nation Film Festival Pre-Oscar Screening (annual event)

– Red is Green Carpet Galas (annual events)

– Native Fashion with Social Action Fashion Show

– American Indian Heritage Month, established officially with Department of Indian Affairs and Governor Bill Richardson

– Red Nation Film Festival “On the Road” (US & International)

– Red Nation Film Award (unveiled)

– Red Nation Film Awards

– Red Nation Clothing and Bead Work Company

– Native Women in Recovery in the Arts

– Help the Earth “Environmental” Film Festival

– Native Music Matters

– The National American Indian and Indigenous Recording Academy of Arts & Sciences

– Native Youth Matter – ‘If I Can See It I can Be It’

– Red Nation Music Fest (2 full days of Contemporary & Traditional American Indian Music-held in Santa Fe New Mexico during Indian Market


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